10 things all hetero-couples go through while TTC 😮😱🤔


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  1. You both get super excited when you decide to start trying.
  2. It totally sucks, but you both have to give up alcohol and caffeine for the time-being.  (If you love this person enough to have a child with them, you can love them through some tiring rounds of un-caffeinated, sober sex)
  3. Your guy will have to keep his laptop off of his lap and cellphones out of his front pockets. Plus, no briefs or long bike rides! (If his favorite hobby is long cycling trips in tighty whities while simultaneously using a laptop it is time for a lifestyle change.)
  4. Your cycle will pretty much take over both of your lives.
  5. Talking about ovulation, cervical mucus, peeing on sticks, sperm, etc. will become the norm for you two.  (If you conceive and manage to have a child you will spend hours talking about its bowel movements, so this is good practice).
  6. You’ll spend way more money on OPKs and pregnancy tests than you’d like.
  7. You’ll both be willing to have sex ANYWHERE the moment your fertility peaks. (“I’m ovulating, let’s do it!”  “Right now?  In the Krispy Kreme Factory Store??”)
  8. You’ll have A LOT of sex but it may not always be sexy. (This Krispy Kreme Factory Store sex isn’t quite what I hoped it would be.)
  9. The 2-week wait will be the absolute worst. Try not to kill each other or anyone else who has the audacity to ask if you are pregnant yet. 
  10. The disappointment of a negative test or the “OMG” of a positive test. Either way, you know you are in this together!

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