The truth about exactly when you need to have sex to get pregnant ⏰

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One of the perks of trying to get pregnant is definitely the fact that you get to have TONS of carefree sex! (A fun game might be, “Hey, let’s have sex every time I glance at social media on my phone! Ha!  We are kidding, it is not humanly possible to have sex that often!”)  Now, the only caveat is that there’s sort of a schedule to it, meaning that at least some of this carefree sex must take place during a certain time if you want to get pregnant. (“Ooh baby, I want you so bad or…I uh, I mean I will want you so bad in about *looks at Glow calendar* four, maybe five days.”)

Let’s start by reviewing some basic numbers and facts about fertility, shall we?

  • 5 days is typically the longest that sperm can survive inside a woman’s body (Even if it has brought along food rations, a sperm-sized pup tent and a canteen, sorry, no dice, it’s not lasting much more than five days).
  • 12 to 24 hours is how long an egg is available to be fertilized. (a.k.a this is how long your egg is leaning out its window, batting its eyelashes and sexily waving a handkerchief)
  • 6 days is the length of a fertile window. This timeframe includes 5 days before and the day of ovulation.

So now what? Are you wondering what other people are actually doing?

Well, we asked over 10,000 Glow users, and here’s what they told us.

  •     51% reported that they do the deed 2-3 times during their fertile window.
  •     24% do it at least 4-5 times
  •     11% of couples are getting it on more than 5 times a week

So there you have it — Glow users trying to get pregnant are having a fair amount of sex during their fertile windows and for good reason. It’s easy to miss your fertile window if you aren’t having enough sex. Limiting sex to only when you think you’re ovulating might be too late and can significantly lower the chances of getting your egg to swipe right on one of her suitors. (“Looks like a tadpole.  Not feeling it.”  *swipes left*)   Not only that but lots of women mistakenly think that they’re ovulating when they actually aren’t. So the bottom line is more sex = better chances of getting preggers, so keep that 70’s porn soundtrack playing on a continual loop in your bedroom. (Unless you are into a different type of music, in which case just play that. We repeat: Have sex as much as you’d like during your cycle and focus on the days leading up to and the day of ovulation.  


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